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Improve your memory by using the following strategies:

1. Increase your original awareness of events and things by increasing your abilities to observe and establishing a reason for paying attention.

2. Concentrate and focus on one thing at a time.

3. Form images of what you want to remember by "seeing" things in vivid color and concentrating on details.

4. Establish goals of memorization so that you know from the outset what you are trying to do and when you have achieved it.

5. Use all of your senses when trying to memorize information.

6. Keep an optimistic attitude by letting yourself know from the beginning of a task that it is within the limits of your abilities.

7. Associate intangible or abstract information you do not know or wish to remember with information that you already know and something you can concretely imagine.

8. Use unusual images and associations to help link one thing to another.

9. Find patterns in the information you are trying to remember through which you can organize and associate necessary facts.

10. Review the information you are trying to remember and periodically check your progress.

11. Break down large memory tasks into smaller tasks and group the small tasks to help add depth to your subject.

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