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Whether pictures or sounds, repetition can be used to remember something. But repetition alone is somewhat tedious and error-prone. Pictures can be enhanced by imagining the picture in vivid detail or by making it strange or humorous. How can sound be enhanced? By music. (Note: If you're not good at music, don't worry; I'll be explaining other ways to memorize sounds later in this tutorial.)

It may take a lot of effort to memorize the U.S. Pledge of Allegience or a chapter from the Bible, but you probably know all the words to your favorite song on the radio without your even having to spend any effort at it! Songs are so rhythmic and so much fun that memorization comes easy.

Just like one can create pictures in the mind to memorize something, you can also create songs in the mind. And once again, it may seem silly, but it works! I've come up with my own songs to memorize Psalm 117 and 1 Corinthians 10:13. I don't have to share the songs with anyone, but for me, it's a terrific way to remember the verses word-for-word exactly. Just try to invent your own tune... or attempt to fit the words you want to memorize to an existing tune.

The only problem is that inventing a song is much more difficult than enhancing a picture. The song has to sound good, otherwise you won't remember it. Also, the more words there are, the harder it is to make a good, unified song. (Psalm 117 was easy because it's the shortest Psalm.) On the other hand, I think you can actually go to a Christian bookstore and find cassettes of verses which someone has set to music specifically for the purpose of memory... if you can find something like this, go for it!

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